YouthJandPgroupThe group was formed after the October 2015 Parish Awakening Event with the first meeting taking place in January 2016. 

We meet together on the first Friday of the month at the Fisher More Hall, Bishop Eton and the third Friday of the month in St Mary's Parish Hall.

The group enables young people between the ages of ten and eighteen to learn about the world and feel as though they can make a difference. 

As one member said

"I like J&P because it’s lots of fun and we make new friends all the time. We do fun games, we do God topics, like refugee bags, when we put things in a bag and gave them to refugee children. I love J&P because we get to help people!"

We welcome anyone, from any parish, or none. 

We are happy to welcome young leaders from 16 onwards (good for Duke of Edinburgh, UCAS form etc!) who want to support our group.

We work with many different charities and organisations and participate in a variety of activities. 

So far the group has heard talks on

  • Parish Groups (eg SVP, One World Group)
  • The Red Cross
  • Dementia awareness
  • First Aid
  • Asylum Link.

 We have collected items to

  • Hold table sales for Project Zimbabwe
  • Make Refugee welcome packs
  • Make up Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

 Our social events have included

  • trips to the theatre
  • bowling
  • trampoline parks.

There have also been spiritual events such as a one day retreat.

If you are interested in joining the group

contact Sarah McGeehan email   or call 07879633262


St. Mary's Community Theatre is a theatre group for children and teenagers aged 8-14. The first session took place in December 2018. The purpose of the group is to explore the Catholic Faith through different elements of theatre- the different elements being scripts, writing, improvisation, masks and so much more!

We meet up once a month on a Monday, at St. Mary's Church Parish Hall- All sessions are advertised in St. Mary's Church Newsletter.

Here are some photographs from previous sessions we have had, including photographs from our Showcase on Sunday 7th July 2019:

SMcommunitytheatre 1

SMcommunitytheatre 2

SMcommunitytheatre 3

SMcommunitytheatre 4

SMcommunitytheatre 5

We have a lot of fun! If your child is interested in joining our group, even if they don't fall in the advertised age category, please email