Our parish SVP Conference was founded in 1902, so it is one of the oldest in England. One of several community events which the organises is the twice-yearly Mass for the sick and housebound. The latest one was held on Saturday, 3rd November this year.

The Conference currently serves over sixty parishioners. Many are simply lonely, but many are also sick. The twice-yearly Mass is now becoming a tradition. The Mass includes the celebration of the Sacrament of the Sick. Father Tim is particularly welcoming to everyone and especially to those who may not be able regularly to get to church. He begins by drawing attention to the significance of the reconciliation at the beginning of the Mass and, during the anointing and the distribution of Holy Communion, the available priests will move among the congregation to reach those unable to come forward.

After the Mass a two-course meal is served in the parish centre, accompanied by some excellent wine. The whole occasion is not only a wonderfully prayerful occasion for the those who are sick or housebound, but it is a most enjoyable social occasion, which helps to bring members of the parish together. The event is organised and financed by the SVP, but parishioners and others of all ages work hard to set up the hall and provide and serve the meal.  After the meal, there is a raffle and the supply of prizes is so generous that everyone present is bound to win a prize!

Details of future Masses for the Sick will be found in the News Letters.  Anyone wishing to attend please call  Angela(428 9133) and we will have a meal for you and if required, help with transport.

Tony Gilbertson


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