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SYNOD 2020 Process:

Oct 2017 – Sept 2018 –  a time of prayer.

Oct 2018 – Sept 2019 -  a time of listening and discernment.

Oct 2019 – Oct 2020 – themes to be developed into proposals to be voted on at the Synod in October 2020.

Synod Membership:

Each priest in active ministry will be a member and each parish will elect a SYNOD member. St Mary's SYNOD member is Pauline Volk.

Each Pastoral Area will have 8 members. All in all, the Synod will have 500 members with voting rights.

Members will be trained in discernment and go back to their parishes to listen to the concerns, needs, and reflections of their local community. From these conversations around the diocese, the themes of the Synod will emerge and Members will take these back to their local community where they will begin to be formulated into the concrete proposals that the Synod will vote upon.

The Pastoral Development Group have been looking at a Parish Synod member, a parish Synod Group and Pastoral Area Synod members. Please keep all this in your prayers.

SYNOD 2020 - where to find information

Fr Michael's Paintings

Recently Fr Michael Henesy sold some of his paintings for Project Zimbabwe. He would like to continue to do this, and the pictures still left to purchase along with others that he completes will be posted on a dedicated page on the website, please click here. If you would like to buy a painting, or would like to see the original before deciding, please contact Fr Michael at the monastery: 0151 722 1108 

Marriage Matters Reflection

A Reflection from Marriage Matters ( for the Feast of the Epiphany

The Epiphany of the Lord (Isaiah 60:1-6; Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6; Matthew 2:1-12)

 Gifts to each other

Epiphany means manifestation or revealing. The Wise Men brought Jesus gifts: gold, revealing his kingship, frankincense his Priesthood and myrrh his dyingOn our wedding day, and every day since, we have ‘gifted’ ourselves to each other, and to others, unwrapping daily the ‘gold’ of our love, the incense of our prayers, and the myrrh of our dying to self


The link to the website of the Catholic Church in England and Wales is:

This site provides access to some of the keynote speeches from the event.

Nugent charity shop needs donations!

The shop is one of the most popular charity shops in the area, with a lot of regular customers and have sold over 40,000 items so far this year and raised over £90,000 for our community services. Our stock is going so fast we can't keep up! You can drop goods off at the shop on Allerton Road, or we can collect from you. Our drivers collect on Thursdays, please call Jeanette to arrange a collection on 737 2951. 


Archdiocesan Job Opportunties

Director of Finance and Development - A newly created role reporting to the Chief Executive. For full details click here
Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development - The successful candidate will report to the Chief Operating Officer. For full details click here


The next date for the Cathedral Walking Group will be on Sunday 27 January 2018 Meet at 12.30pm at the Cathedral Car Park. Further details from New walkers are always welcome.

World Meeting of Families Newsletter 

The latest version of the newsletter can be read by clicking here.

St Wilfrid’s ‘Living Christ’ Retreat 

As we enter a New Year perhaps it’s time to stop and think about your faith journey last year and plan for the forthcoming one.
St Wilfrid’s are holding their annual January “Living Christ Retreat”, this provides an opportunity for reflection and planning of your faith in a comfortable, supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere. Are you up for the challenge?
This years retreat will be held on Friday/Saturday, 18/19 January 2019 Holy Trinity School Banks Road, Garston
For further information, please telephone,
Sue Faulkner on 0151 427 6518/0796 204 0253 or email 
Stella/Maurus O’Donnell on 0151 427 3386 email,.

Cathedral Volunteer Opportunity

The Cathedral is looking for a volunteer to work as secretary to the Education Service at the Cathedral. This involves a few hours each week liaising with schools and checking the Cathedral Diary. Anyone interested should contact Sean Murphy at.

They are looking at someone starting before the end of January and their present secretary would be available to induct a suitable applicant.

NugentSigned Mass

A signed Mass for the deaf community is held on the first Sunday of the month at Christ the KingChurch, Queens Drive at 4.30pm.