Anita and Natasha thought that during Advent they could do an Advent calendar of prayer intentions. They are posting the intentions on their facebook page Natasha Anita RYM - they are always happy to welcome new friends.

Below are the prayer  intentions to date

19th December

Today's Advent prayer intention is for those who have not experienced God's love. So often, we pray for the poor (and rightly so!) but often it is those who are comfortable, who are missing something so vital in their lives. We pray for those in our society who are not materially needy, but who are searching for something with more meaning in their lives

18th December

Today's prayer intention is for our Redemptorist parishes throughout the world!

Date Activity Venue


Introduction to the group

St Mary's Hall
6.10.17 Broadgreen Hospital Chaplains

Fisher-More Hall 

Bishop Eton

15.10.17 Scouse Fun Run for St. Paul's Eye Hospital
20.10.17 Make up shoeboxes St. Mary's Hall
3.11.17 Nugent Community Fisher-More Hall 

Bishop Eton

Tea & Cakes with Nanas

Craft Night

St. Mary's Hall
1.12.17 Organise Zimbabwe Table Sale items Fisher-More Hall 

Bishop Eton
2.12.17 Zimbabwe table sale Fisher-More Hall 

Bishop Eton