WG - Newsletter - 4 December 2017

St Mary’s and Bishop Eton Women’s Group 

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Nazareth to Green Lane

VeronicaKathyVeronica Drury took us on a most entertaining journey through her life from childhood to the present.
Through anecdotes, pictures and music Veronica led us through many events of her life. She looked at family and its importance. Many of her stories, though personal to her family, echo through our own families. These stories were delivered with a good seasoning of her dry wit and more than a touch of wisdom.

Veronica was most ably assisted by Kathy Bamber who worked with her to prepare the photos and was Chief of IT for the presentation. Sincere thanks to Dave who prepared the music for the presentation.

Christmas Appeal


I have said it before but I will repeat it - you are amazing.
Your response to the appeal to help homeless women has been outstanding. So many donations have been received.

Sarah McGeehan joined us on Tuesday 28 November to say thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. For those of you have not had the opportunity to donate Sarah will be accepting donations for the next couple of weeks.

Gifts may be left at the back of Bishop Eton Church after Mass.

RYM will be going out again on Tuesday 16 January

Friday 15 December 2017 

smallmulled wine

Mulled Wine and Mince Pie Evening 7.30 at the Fisher-More Hall.

Bring a plate for a sharing buffet.
Bring your own nibbles and snacks and the beverages of your choice.
Please note the change of date

Tuesday 16 January 2018

The Jersey Boys at the Liverpool Empire.

Tickets cost £21
Money MUST be paid by 13 December 2017 - Envelopes may be handed in at the Monastery.
There are still some tickets available.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 16 May 2018
We have booked a Chester Canal Cruise Lunch. This will cost £21.50 (final charge to be confirmed.)
A deposit of £5.00 to be paid by 18 December 2017 and the balance to be paid 2 weeks before the trip (Wednesday 2 May 2018)

An Appeal

We are in great need of raffle prizes. If you have any items, you can help with or any unwanted gifts we would be most grateful.!