We had a wonderful turnout on the evening of Monday the 3rd September for the presentation/talk by dementia specialist nurse Serena Jones.

More than eighty people \ttended from all areas of our local community, the session proved very informative and enjoyable. The feedback has been extremely positive and we will continue in our efforts to become a ‘Dementia Friendly Parish.’

For those who could not attend, a copy of the presentation is available just click here.

In the first group exercise attendees were asked to list as many words as they could that they associated with dementia. Most words represented symptoms or were negatives. Serena stressed the importance of changing each negative into a positive.
The piece of string exercise focused on the no of steps required in making a cup of tea - which we do without realising them. Attendees were then asked to think what happened if one of these steps is missed....

Walking in another's shoes focused on showing how sensory issues whether sight or touch/dexterity can make tasks harder.  (Gloves and glasses that blocked most of the vision allowed attendees to experience some of these)

Thank you to Serena Jones for sharing her time and expertise with us and to Sheila Nimmo, who worked tirelessly in preparing information packs for people to take away and to ensure the evening, was a complete success.