When lockdown was announced none of us understood the impact it would have on everything we do and just how inventive and creative people would be in finding new ways to be ‘together’ and new ways to worship. As well as watching Fr Tim’s weekly message and tuning in to the recorded Mass each week we have enjoyed sharing our children’s liturgy live stream at 11am each Sunday with more than 50 families!!  (stmaryswithyoualways facebook group)

Our catechists have taken it in turn to broadcast from their homes, following our Gospel story, praying for our special intentions, singing our favourite hymns, sharing craft and other activities and generally keeping our community together.

Our children have been the real superstars - sharing their ideas during our live-streams and posting photographs of their work afterwards. Some of our most moving prayers have been written by our children and we have learned a lot from them.

We’ve even managed a couple of group video productions with our ‘Children’s stations of the cross’ on Good Friday...


...and our ‘Freddie Freckles and a big celebration’ story for Fr Tim’s golden jubilee.


Our livestream might have been born out of necessity but we will continue with it because it is working so well and we are having fun whilst celebrating our faith. We are looking forward to our next project - watch out for our budding gardeners.  (stmaryswithyoualways facebook group)

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