Thy Kingdom come is an ecumenical prayer movement supported by the Catholic Church in England and Wales and The Church of England
Resources at the below link include A Pentecost Novena,  Praying with Mary from Ascension to Pentecost and more. 
The family section contains an augmented reality app, and a family prayer adventure
For musicians there is a new hymn to a familiar tune (Tell out my soul)    (sheet music and chords are available)

Taketime meditations have produced a set of meditations for this years 'Thy Kingdom Come' 

The meditations can be accessed through the list on the Taketime Spiritual Meditation app or via the links below

21st May Luke chapter 7 verses 1-10 Trusting faith
22nd May Luke chapter 7 verses 36-50 Anointed by a forgiven woman
23rd May Luke chapter 19 verses 1-10 Zacchaeus is changed
24th May  Luke chapter 5 verses 17-26 Forgiving sinners
25th May Luke chapter 15 verses 1-10 Good news for those who are lost
26th May Luke chapter 3 verses 15-22 Jesus is baptised
27th May Mark chapter 15 verses 22-32 Crucifixion
28th May Luke chapter 11 verses 1- 13 Teach us to pray
29th May Luke chapter 15 verses 11-32 Love for the lost son
30th May Matthew chapter 5 1-16 Blessings, salt and light
31st May Luke chapter 24 verses 32-49 Resurrection encounter in Jerusalem

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