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Adoremus 2018

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Please note the programme may be subject to change for the latest information 

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Main Events

Adoremus Adoremusmultionwhite Adoremus

Friday 7th September

Symposium Day

Saturday 8th September

Congress Day

Sunday 9th September

Pilgrimage Day


Parallel Programme Events

A parallel programme of Events to complement the main programme will be taking place with events across the city. The parallel programme is also known as the fringe programme. A guide to the events has been produced which you can download by clicking here.

Events by day

Adoremus Parallel Programme Liverpool 1 Adoremus Parallel Programme Liverpool 1 Adoremus Parallel Programme Liverpool 1
Fringe Day 1 Fringe Day 2 Fringe Day 3


A venue map showing where all the Parallel Programme activities are taking place can be downloaded from the Archdiocesan Adoremus page

Click on the locations below to see what events are being hosted at the various venues.

Events by location

MetCathlabel BishopEtonlabel blessedsacshrine
Carmel SJKlabel OurLadyStNicholaslabel
 PaulineMedia  StPhilipNerilabel  StPatricks
 StAnthonyScotlandRd  SVPlabel  SFXlabel
 sacredheartlabel  stmichaels  StAnnelabel
EpsomCommunityCentre echoarena NotreDame